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Shawntae's Legacy  

Shawntae was born in Bernalillo, New Mexico on April 6, 1991. She loved her small town and living there with her Mom (Carla), Grandpa/Grandma and all her loving relatives. She used to love to play outdoors with her cousins and spend lots of quality time with her grandma. I (Patrick) came into her and her mom's life when she was around six years of age. At first, she was very protective of her mom and it took awhile for her to accept me as part of her family. As time went on we realized that we had similiar interests, sports. She was very athletic, very gifted she  excelled in all sports.  She was tough, and  tomboyish but she also had a gentle side to her and would help anyone in need. She took on any challenge that presented her and usually came out on top. I married Shawntae's mom in 1999 and we later moved to Albuquerque, NM. Shawntae played just about every sport that she could possibly manage into her schedule, but her love was softball. She made the Allstars every year she played! She was also very active in her community. She was an alter server for Our Lady Of Guadalupe Parish. She also attended youth group meetings and religous classes every week. She was a very giving, loving, beautiful daughter and she will never be replaced! Unfortunetly, she was a daring and curious girl she lost her life, at the age of 14, playing a  dangerous game called the "Pass out game". It's a deadly game that has become an epidemic in this country, especially for teens. As parents we all need to be aware and talk to our kids. Shawntae will always be in our hearts! Our lives will never be the same! We love you and miss you and will never, ever stop thinking of you!

-Your Mom and Dad
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